Thursday , April 24 2014
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SEO Stuff: You Got MozRanked!

MozRanked! xD

MozRanked! xD

MozRank reflects the link popularity of a website or a blog, thus it provides details of how important a given website/page/blog is on the Internet.

MozRank is earned by having a high number of quality inbound links from other websites/pages/blogs that has also earned popularity via MozRank.

Scoring is scaled between 1 as the lowest score and 10 as the highest, but unlike google page rank, it’s much easier to improve your rank from 3 going to 4 that 8 to 9.

I just learned that my blog have just earned a MozRank of 4.4, that surely is a Great achievement for someone like me who doesn’t care much detail on SEO. lol

Peace Out! ;)


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