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COMELEC’s Precinct Finder | Voter’s ID Info!

Excited for the Upcoming Elections? Unlike How Super Excited the COMELEC’s Final list of Electoral Candidates are though. Hehe. Well here’s a way to Contain that Excitement. Just kidding. lol

Remembering the Previous Elections as a Volunteer for the PPC or Parish Pastoral Council assisting the Teachers and COMELEC with the Elections; If i recall, there have been a lot of people who’s gone through the hassle just to figure out the Precinct where they can Cast their Votes – prior and pretty much on the Day of the Elections.

Also a lot of Individuals Including Me and my Wife Yvette has had years of Waiting just to get an idea of when can we get our hands on our Voter’s ID which is one of the most important IDs every Registered Voter could have specially when doing Legal Transactions e.g Applying for a Salary Loan with the SSS, Procuring a Passport or Processing ones Benefits and etc.

Good Thing though the Commission on Elections or (COMELEC) has come up with an Online Portal [no longer a random idea] where every Individual can get all the Details as a Registered Voter, that Includes which Precinct you’ll be assigned to when the Election Day comes and also get information about your Voter’s ID [If it has been Printed already, or not].

Below Shows the Screenshots of when i tried looking up my Voter Information,

First you’ll have to entered all the details needed on the respective fields…

Registration Verification

Registration Verification

i don’t worry too much about the results being shown. lol

Voter Information

Voter Information

Last is a Google Map of the Polling Precinct [it's where you'll be casting your vote on the day of Election].

Polling Center Location

Polling Center Location

Click THIS LINK to get your Voter Information.

Props/kudos and Thanks to COMELEC for coming up with such a Great Idea!
This’ll surely help a lot of Registered Voters, specially it’ll ease up work for the Volunteers… :)

Peace Out!

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  1. it’s been awhile since i heard about COMELECT thing. I was once a voter but for religious reason we remain neutral

  2. Yes, this will be a great help for the voters and the volunteers as well.

  3. It’s good to know that the COMELEC has gone a long way to modernizing the voting procedure. I was an absentee voter during the last election and it felt fulfilling to have my vote having been counted.

  4. Wow ang dali na ng buhay dahil sa ganitong mga pangyayari;) i mean its not easy to look for your precinct datu and having this is easier

  5. wow,really? hi-tech na jud ang pinas…we’re keeping up…good to know!

  6. Oh been so long since my last election and looks like there’s so much changes here and there! More high tech i may say

  7. I never been into voting even when I was in college…It is true high tech na ron ayo…

  8. It’s been years and i am still waiting for my voter’s ID. voter’s IDs haven’t arrived pa daw from Manila whenever we claim it at comelec office here in our area. anyway, thanks for sharing this site…

    • pleasure ate chie. you may check online na rin ata if na print na. last time ichecked when i went to their office. mga december daw since it’s been printed na already. i do hope so na meron na ako voter’s id.

      it’s one important id to have.. :)


  9. Thanks for sharing ron… i guess I need to post something like this..its educational..timely..

  10. I am glad that this is available in your city :-) It is a big help to all registered voters and get this very important ID.

  11. This is really good news specially for people who are always on the go.

  12. That is great COMELEC is now slowly modernizing its processes. I just hope that with this comes a clean election as well.

  13. Thanks for helping us spread the good news :-)

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