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How to Set Up Email on Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is beyond doubt one of the most powerful device that has been tested. What makes it more interesting is its HD screen, bold design and tons of exciting features just like the email which benefits the average and business users. There is no question; the S4 is an extremely good phone.

All eyes are on the Samsung S4 after the release of the Samsung S3 which has rivalled the ever popular iPhone by Apple. Now that the 5 inch powerful beast has been released, consumers all around the world were mesmerized with its strong quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera, 4G connectivity, 2GB RAM, tons of outstanding features and a lot more. The only thing that is left is to explore the phone, come up with an account and continue using it for plenty of other purposes. However, you need to set up an email account first before you can take advantage of the other functions of this device.

Gmail for samsung s4

Gmail for Samsung S4.

Multiple Options for a Single Tool

Samsung has equipped its mobile phones with its web browser as well as email clients. At the same time, it pushes its very own application stores in front. Since it is an Android phone, the handset comes with Gmail, Google Chrome browser and the Google play store. This means that users can have several options for only one tool as standard.

For technology addicts, this may not be a problem at all. But then, those who are in search of an elegant, but simple user interface will not be so happy with such. But the interface is easy to comprehend if you will take time to explore. This will make you learn to perform the important tasks without a lot of fuss.

Creat an email

Why create an email account?

Why Set Up An Email Account?

Well, one of the main purposes of owning a smartphone is to be able to perform tasks such as sending, reading and forwarding emails. This works great for business professionals, students and just about anyone who need to check on their emails round the clock. While this is an obvious reason to set up an email account, there are also other reasons.

Among the requirements for using various Samsung services packed in the Samsung S4 is to have a valid and working Samsung account. This can be accomplished by signing into the Samsung account which requires you to have an email address. Having signed up will give you access on different S4 applications such as WatchON, Samsung Link, Samsung Hub and more. Basically, you will be requested to set up the account when you first set up the device. You may have missed this process, but you can always create your Samsung account. But before you learn how to set this one up, it is a prerequisite to set up your email account first.

basic email set up

Basics in S4 email set up

Setting Up Email on Samsung S4

If you are not quite familiar how to set up email on your S4, these basic steps will show you how you can do it.

•    Begin by going to the Home Screen and tap the “All Applications” option

•    Choose the “email” option

•    Enter the email address thaht you wish to use

•    Key in your password and make sure it is secured enough

•    Choose “Manual setup”

•    Choose the account type: IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange

You will also have to take care of various settings for the incoming server which are detailed below:

•    Email address – This is the email address you wish to use

•    Password – This should be your password

•    Username – This is your username

•    Security type – There is a list and all you need to do is to choose from it

•    IMAP/POP server – Key in the required server information

•    Port – Key in port details

•    Choose “Next”

The outgoing server settings should also be arranged accordingly which consists of the following:

•    Security type – choose from the list

•    SMTP server – Enter the server information

•    Sign in required – You should tick this one

•    Port – Enter all the server port information

•    Username – Your username

•    Password – Your password

•    Choose Next

Once all these things are configured, all that is left is to set up your email account. All that is needed is to set up your account name and your name which depends on your discretion and select “Done”. Congratulations, you already have an email account for your Samsung S4.

Create samsung account

Creating a Samsung account

Setting Up Your Samsung Account

Once you already have your email account set up, it is about time to set up your Samsung account and here is how you are going to do it:

•    Choose Menu and you will be directed to a pop up list

•    Look for Settings and then proceed to the new screen where you will see Connections>My Device>Accounts>More

•    Choose “Accounts” and this will bring you to “My Accounts”

•    From there, touch the “Add account” tab

•    Select the “Samsung account” and the Samsung screen will appear

•    Choose “Create new account” tab to continue

•    Fill up the required information including your email, username, password, zip code, birth date, last name and others

•    After completing all the details, choose the “Sign up” tab and continue

•    Accept the terms and conditions after reading all the terms

•    Choose the “Agree” button

•    Check your email for the verification so that you can proceed with activating your new account

•    Select the “Confirm button” on the information screen in order to finish the process

Once all these are accomplished, you now have your Samsung account and you can maximize your phone usage to the fullest. But do not forget to equip your phone with the cases and screen protectors. Most people buy samsung galaxy s4 cases from online mobile accessory stores; examples being SF Planet, Accessory Geek among innumerable others to keep their devices in good conditions for long.

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